Rider Information

SnowBull 2016- March 10, 11, 12, 2016 @ Burlington Memorial Auditorium.
$5,000 added money indoor event, plus trophy buckle.



  • Entry Number: 501-318-7758
  • Fees: $100 (per night, you can enter more than once)
  • NOTE- Rice Bull Riding has switched to a text-based entry system.  Text the following info to 501-318-7758 to enter
    • Full Name
    • Hometown
    • Which nights (March 10, 11, and/or 12)
    • NFPB Yes or No
  • When the books close you will receive a confirmation text letting you know which nights you are in or on the alternate list.  NFPB members have priority.



  • Each night will have 34 riders in the long round (if all entered show) and the top 6 come back for a short round. (If not 6 qualified rides, times draw back).
  • Each night’s entry fee is a new entry for that night and competing for the average.  If you enter mor than one night, you can place more than once in the average.
  • Average will pay eight places.



  • Due to limited seating there will not be any companion passes for this event.  If you need tickets, CLICK HERE for purchasing info.



  • Provided by CCHECK and GOLD MEDAL CATTLE


Get more information at www.bulltour.com!

Here is the estimated payout (actual depends of final entry, splits, etc.).
NFPB rules apply

1) $3829- Trophy Buckle
2) $2935
3) $2170
4) $1404
5) $893
6) $638
7) $510
8) $383